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Rev. Dr. Katherine Rosemary O’Connell

Sync​hronicity and the invisible web that connects us all fascinate me. I have been a spiritual seeker since childhood. At age four I noticed what would become a lifelong pattern of dreaming things that would then manifest. At 13 while working as a page in a public library in a New York suburb I discovered Metaphysics, the works of Carl Jung and Astrology and have remained fascinated ever since. Although the librarians liked me and were very kind they made it clear that I was supposed to be putting books away and not hiding behind the stacks to read them.


I lost the job and within two years was introduced to the vibrant world of metaphysical bookstores, libraries and teachers of the 1960’s in Manhattan. In 1969 I began to practice astrology professionally after relocating to Berkeley Ca while continuing my college education.

Eventually I got my Ph.D. and became a Clinical Psychologist. On the way I received an R.N. degree and a Masters of Public Health. I had good luck and excellent timing in my career and as a result was a consultant on hea

th care policy to a US President (Jimmy Carter) 

before I turned thirty. 

My clinical work and books on various aspects of drug addiction, anxiety, trauma and recovery brought me media acclaim and international travel for many years. All the while I continued to quietly practice Astrology as it was and is my first great passion. In the nineties I took time out to become an Interfaith Minister and to receive coaching training . As a result I have travelled and trained Interfaith Ministers around the world in person and online. At this point in my life, I have integrated these areas of interest into an international personal, business and professional online coaching and mentoring practice.

So, all told, I have been an Astrologer for 58 years and a psychologist for 45 and an Interfaith Minister for 25 years. I was fortunate to Have met a number of the preeminent Psychologists, Psychiatrists and and Astrologers of the 20th century and I feel that carrying a lineage matters. In the area of spiritual studies too I carry lineages including but not limited to the many Lamas and other Masters I received teachings from. 

I was fortunate to spend time with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and other Lamas who have since passed. I met famous Astrologers including Dane Rudhyar. I have received training and or known personally many well-known therapists like Fritz Perls and Joseph Henderson, a protégé of Carl Jung, and so on. I have been invited to teach in many universities and have a life long background in working with natural health techniques east and west. I carry a natural medicine and herbal lineage in my family line as well.

Astrological Coaching

I have an eclectic approach to Astrology meaning that I draw from both ancient and modern techniques. I work with individuals, couples and small businesses in a number of areas including natal charts and pregressions, solar returns and profections, timing for individuals and business; horary questions. Health and the chart is an area of interest and a life study of natural health and healing and a background teaching at a school of Chinese Medicine are influences I bring to the consultation.

Dreams and Astrology are an area of great and long term interest of mine. The relationship between dreams and physical health is an area I have presented on and I named that area Medical Dreamwork years ago. Dreams, the lunar nodes our soul path and their interaction with the Lots or Arabic Parts of Fortune are another area of interest. I believe that the practice of Astrology involves an alchemical blend of skills, intuition and oracular and divinatory consciousness. It is an honor and a privilege to be part of an ancient and yet vibrant and pulsating living tradition. Learn more about my STARTALK ASTROLOGY COLLUMN.